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DRTS, Directorate of Road Traffic Services ,is an organization that handles all the traffic and motor vehicle administration in Nigeria. This gave birth to the Vehicle Inspection Officers,popularly known as V.I.O.Their existence came prior to 1939 before the Nigeria Independence when Vehicle inspection was carried out by the Director of Works,while Motor licensing was supervised by the Motor licensing Officer under finance.

more on vio. they have their offices in different parts of the federation.



FCT Abuja is not an exception and the office is situated at Mabushi District. The Public Relations Department is the image maker of the Organization. They liase with the members of the public on Traffic and other Traffic related matters. They are also in charge of media and media related matters.




There is an ongoing training at the FCT DRTS from November 28-30,2018. The training is on how to improve in our website. This training is been organised by Sapphire company,situated in FCT Abuja .My experience so far as one of the participants in the training is so enormous. I wish the training will be a monthly thing in other to keep the website alive at all time.

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