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If you anticipate having to navigate around Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory Roads and even beyond, start preparing now. Commuters must be more alert to the type of transport service they may choose to patronize.

As commuters, we need our common sense and not to take for granted the ban on Okada and Keke Napep transport services in the FCT. You too can make the ban policy more effective by boycotting them, and by so doing eliminate the dangers they pose on their users. Remember, the primary essence of government is for the good welfare of the people.

Help avoid driver distractions…You’ve probably heard, read and even witnessed motorists doing not-so-smart, dangerous things under  driving conditions – using cell phones, texting and browsing, eating, reading, applying makeup, etc. Also ensure you reject overloading and stop patronizing unpainted taxi or rickety vehicles as they inhibit your safety.

It is our collective duty as commuters to tell the driver to slow down when you notice that he/she is moving too fast perhaps, beyond the recommended speed limits.

Be patient and careful with the driver and kinder to yourself by staying alert when being driven.

We have a responsibility to travel safely.


This message of Drive and Stay Alive is from the Public Relations and Enlightenment Unit of the FCT, Directorate of Road Traffic Services, DRTS.

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