What are the steps in obtaining a new drivers licence?

1. Applicant must not be less than 18 years or above 70 years
2. Having completed driving training and certified, applicants must complete application form online with relevant information on
3. Make payments of prescribed fee at designated banks
4. Present self for test assessment with the following relevant document
5. Driving school certificate
6. Learners permit
7. Testing fee
8. Testing officer approves application for successful applicant indicating class of licence.
9. Successful applicant proceeds for biometric capture.

Where do I pay for my drivers learners permit?

Applicants should come to VIO Office to make payment.

Where do I pay for my drivers learners permit?

Applicants can make payment in the following banks
1. Access Bank
3. Skye Bank
4. UBA
5. First Bank

Do I need to write a test before obtaining a drivers licence?

Applicants are required to write a driver’s test.

What is the fee for obtaining a drivers licence?

Applicant are required to pay Six Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira (N6350) at designated banks to obtain a drivers licence.

What is a routine inspection and why is it necessary?

Car testing will improve road safety and enhance environmental protection. Other benefits includes:

• Safer, more reliable cars, longer vehicle service life and reduced fuel consumption.
• Reduced air and noise pollution
• Potential for lower insurance premiums
• Employment opportunities thought out FCT

• Based on a Vehicle Test Manual – testing will be carried out at a standard, which includes:

o Emission test
o Light test
o Suspension test
o Brake test and wheel alignment test
(This tests are Computerized) Part of the test are also visual test like, under body inspection, interior inspection, seatbelt etc.

What are the steps in obtaining motor dealer plate?

The applicant must provide the following:

• Corporate Affairs Commission certificate of Incorporation
• Evidence of ownership of business premises
• Original Sample copy of Receipt
• Original Sample copy of Invoice
• Letter headed paper for the application

How long does it take to obtain motor dealer plate?

If all the documents required is provided, it takes five (5) working days