VIO Cautions On Over Speeding

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VIO Cautions On Over Speeding

            As motorists hurry to get to one destination or the other, the temptation to over speed increases on a daily basis. Some commercial vehicles over speed in order to catch with passengers in the next car pack. Some speed just for fun often to be known as ‘speed racers.’

            For instance, Chijindu Victory, a commercial driver plying kogi-Lokoja route was not so lucky as he had a ghastly accident which almost claimed his life.

Before the accident, some of his passengers warned him to reduce his speed, but he ignored their advice and accelerated. It was not long before the accident happened. Though they all came out alive, the car was wrecked beyond repair

This may have been avoided, if the vehicle was not being driven on top speed. Apart from the apparent risk of accident this poses, the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) is out to get anyone found culpable.

Over speeding is a common occurrence on every road in the country. Many have gone to the world beyond as a result of auto crash caused by over speeding.

Various vehicles have been impounded as a result of over speeding by the VIO. Many of them were sanctioned and fined to pay a specific amount of money before they vehicle were released to them, said Wadata Aliyu bodinga , the Director Vehicle Inspection Office (DRTS).

While on an express way, the law stipulated 100 kilometers per hour for private cars and 90 kilometers per hour for commercial vehicles




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