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     In Nigeria, motor vehicle administration dates back to the colonial days with the coming of roads that linked the ports, regional capitals and other places of economic activities of the country

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         Before 1939, vehicle inspection was carried out by the Directorate of works while motor licensing was carried out by the motor licensing officer under the Federal Ministry of Finance. During the Second World War, officers from the Directorate of works were drafted from Nigeria to serve in the colonial regiment of England. Consequently, the Directorate of work could no longer carry out the responsibilities of vehicle inspections.


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         The training is a welcome development ,my experience in training is  that we experience network failure so many time ,and the resource person promise to in proof  on it apart from that the training was very interactive all the participants were carried along it was a wonderful experience although . thanks to the management for nominating me to be a part of that wonderful  experience  long live drts long live vio





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